SmartSDK Advances – April 2017

SmartSDK Advances – April 2017

Works on SmartSDK demonstrators is proceeding at full speed! Here you can find a short update from our colleagues at CICESE and INAOE.

Advances in the development of a smart sensing health application using FIWARE


As part of the activities related to the SmartHealth track, we have worked on three key issues:

  1. oHealth-Context: a data mode focused on representing sensor data gathered from smartphones, wearable devices, and health data inferred from the sensor data.
  2. Bifrost: a software component implemented to retrieve historical data which could be used over Wirecloud widgets, and.
  3. An initial approach to infer health parameters from sensor data, such as, steps, stride length, etc.

We are currently using third party services for some of the components, but we plan to implement these in FIWARE along the next Sprint.

Advances in the development of a smart security  application using FIWARE


Main activities in the development of the Smart Security application are related to the following issues:

  1. Optimization of multiple camera streaming based on Kurento.
  2. First algorithm implementation approach using openCV and Kurento.
  3. Initial data models for Smart Security requirements without loss of generalization.
  4. A Graphical User Interface version 1.0 implemented using Web2Py.

In previous sprints we were no able to use FIWARE platform, so, current efforts are also focused on running the system on FIWARE.