SmartSDK@FIWARE Summit 2017 in Utrecht

SmartSDK@FIWARE Summit 2017 in Utrecht

SmartSDK will be present at FIWARE Summit 2017 in Utrecht with a number of exciting talks!

  • Tomas will present Martel work on architecture patterns and docker recipes for FIWARE Enablers.
  • Daniele, in collaboration with ZHAW, will present the work of FBK on the upcoming Container Management solutions for FIWARE Lab.
  • Ricardo will showcases UBIWHERE R&D activities in relation to Smart Cities.
  • Antonio will demonstrate the Smart Spot solution developed by Hop Ubiquitous.

Here is the detailed list of the talks SmartSDK will present at FIWARE Summit 2017 in Utrecht on 30th and 31st May 2017!

Manage your containers on the FIWARE Lab and your RasperryPI with Rancher – Daniele Pizzolli (FBK) & Sean Murphy (ZHAW) – May 30th 12:15-13:00

The talk will comprise of two aspects: (1) demonstration of a new user friendly interface which facilitates easy setup of container environments in FIWARE Lab based on Rancher and (2) description of how this platform has been modified to support deployment of applications to a mix of x86 and ARM container environments.

Recipes and Architecture Patterns for GEs in HA using Swarmkit – Tomas Aliaga (Martel) – May 30th 17:30-18:00

A walk through the process of deploying Context Broker and Notifications consumers in High Availability on top of a Docker Swarm cluster.

Evolving a Smart Cities Platform with FIWARE – May 30th 17:00-17:30

This talk will show Ubiwhere’s perspective on FIWARE for Smart Cities. From the time when we started only with IoT data publication into Orion and CKAN, up to now, where a “full-stack” of Generic Enablers are used: since IoT connectivity up to Big Data Analysis and Complex Event Processing (CEP).

Smart POI: A new approach to the Smart Cities thorugh Human Oriented Solutions – May 30th 17:30-18:00

This presentation will present the specific solutions and integrations of IOT-ready hardware with Orion Context Broker and the new opportunities of emerging technologies for Smart Cities such as beacons and Physical Web.