Martel and Ubiwhere building a Smart City offer on top of SmartSDK

Martel and Ubiwhere building a Smart City offer on top of SmartSDK

Capitalizing on some of the open source outcomes of SmartSDK, the team at Martel Lab, in collaboration with Ubiwhere and Therapenis, has developed Orchestra Cities, an integrated platform based on FIWARE and other cutting edge Open Source solutions that allow to bring in a single places all the vertical data silos of cities.

Designed to facilitate the collaborative management of data and services by different cities and different stakeholders within the cities it allows the integration, analysis and visualisation of a smart city’s data (from sensors, legacy system, citizen’s data, and more), Orchestra Cities plans to offer a powerful set of functionalities:

  • Flexible dashboard co-creation, including map and graphs, and easy sharing
  • Integrated management of Orchestra Cities APIs and third parties’ APIs, with flexible access policies and fault-tolerance mechanisms
  • Data management based on open standards, supporting real time data and historical data
  • Support for centralised management of IoT allowing the integration of live data from IoT sensors, devices and other sources
  • Advanced data privacy control mechanisms, ensuring that data owner is always in control of the data injected
  • A visual data ingestion service that allows the design of data pipelines to populate the platform with data (from services, files, etc.)
  • The above functionalities are ready to be used in the cloud, ensuring high-availability and scalability. Private deployments targeting single customers will be also possible in few clicks!

Taken as a whole, Orchestra Cities is a powerful tool for smart city managers across Europe and around the world. In recognition of its strength, it is one of the five contenders being selected for Phase 2 of the SELECT for Cities competition.
The participation to the SELECT for Cities is driving the design of the platform with the collaboration of three cities (Antwerp, Copenhagen, and Helsinki) that allows for testing and validation of Orchestra Cities platform in the following scenarios:

  • Reducing traffic congestion in the city of Antwerp by intelligent decisions based on different data available from sensors and services.
  • Supporting monitoring of pre-diabetes patients in Helsinki through GDPR compliant management of Smart Homes.

Read more about the product and the technology at Orchestra Cities, and follow it on twitter @OrchestraCityEU